Choosing Right Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Framework

How To ChooseThe Best Framework For You?


  • Market Research
  • Customer Demands
  • Mobile App Trends

Identify Your Audience

  • Who will use your app?
  • What problems will your app solve for your client?
  • Why will they use your app?
  • What value will your app bring to your customers?

Identify Your Platform

Features To Include

  • Speed
  • Quality Image Resolution
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Regular Updates

Enhancing User Experience

Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks

React Native

  • Using React Native’s framework, almost 80% of a codebase can be shared through platforms. This code reusability is crucial to speed up the application development process.
  • It helps to shorten up the app development time considerably. It offers valuable features like ready-to-apply elements and instant result reviewing options.
  • It helps to provide a tremendous native-like, high-quality, and highly responsive user interface.
  • The React Native app was not made in conjunction with Android or iOS. This leads to a little lagging in native platforms.
  • While it does speed up the development process, it also increases the debugging duration process.
  • Instagram
  • Tesla
  • Pinterest


  • Flutter offers a unique feature known as the “hot reloading” feature. This allows developers to check any changes in code within a few seconds rather than minutes.
  • Secondly, Flutter is very appropriate for MVP development. This is because it looks native on iOS and Android, helping in rapid growth. This way, one can save money without spending on two different apps.
  • You will also find several widgets from Google’s Material Design and some Apple designs like the Cupertino pack.
  • Flutter framework comes with minimal TV support for apps.
  • The apps made by the Flutter framework tend to be a little bigger than most. The smallest app made to date is still around 4MB.
  • Google
  • Google Ads
  • Alibaba


  • The apps developed on the Xamarin framework run seamlessly on several platforms like iOS and Android. This is because it used C# during coding.
  • It aids in fast development thanks to its single tech stack.
  • It helps to share 75% of its codebase across platforms. This helps to speed up the development process.
  • One big disadvantage is that Xamarin is a little expensive. Thus, it is mostly suitable for big enterprises and not start-ups.
  • It has very limited access to certain crucial libraries. This leads to hindrance during app development.
  • HCL
  • BBC Good Food
  • Fox Sports

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile app frameworks can boost your business considerably.
  • Careful research and proper identification of target audience, target platforms, and others is crucial to finding the right framework for one’s apps.
  • Flutter is one of the best frameworks to use to elevate your application development.
  • The Xamarin framework is more suited for large enterprises and not small start-ups.





passionate blogger at Brillmindz Technologies

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anjali Gupta

anjali Gupta

passionate blogger at Brillmindz Technologies

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